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If you’ve recently graduated from college you’ll probably want to update your resume and start applying for jobs. A good cover letter could help to increase your chances of securing a job interview – check out the cover letter tips below.

Cover Letter Writing

Make It Stand Out

Remember, thousands of other graduates across the country will be looking for employment so it’s crucial that your cover letter stands out from the crowd. If you are frantically looking for a job you may be tempted to send out the same cover letter to a variety of employers. But an employer will know if they have received a generic cover letter – it won’t be personalised, won’t have their name on it and won’t relate to the job role. Ensure you spend time personalising each cover letter to stand out from the crowd.

Career Goal

At college you probably studied a subject you are interested in or an industry that you want to work in. Either way you need to demonstrate your career goals on your cover letter. Look back on your time at college to help you decide your motivations. Demonstrate to the employer that you are looking for a career and have targets to achieve as this will show you are motivated.

Include Your Experience

While studying you probably took part in extra-curricular activities and you can use these on your cover letter and when you apply for a job. Perhaps it was volunteering for a local charity, working in an internship or taking part in organised events. Look at your own experience and ensure you include anything relevant to the job in order to highlight your key skills and expertise.

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