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If you have just handed in your notice at work you will probably be required to work a notice period. Most companies have this and they can differ in length – from one week to three months. But when you’ve lost interest in the position and are ready to leave, it can be difficult to remain motivated.

Career Progression

However you should remain professional during your notice period for a number of reasons;

  • You need a reference to put on your resume template
  • You may need to keep in contact with your colleagues for networking purposes
  • Many industries are small and your new boss is likely to find out if you haven’t been professional
  • It is in your contract

Sometimes, if you work in a competitive industry like Recruitment, your employer may want to put you on gardening leave – which means you work your notice from home.

Either way here are a few tips on how to behave during your notice period and how to ensure a smooth career transition;

  • Ensure you turn up on time
  • Delegate work – preparing notes on the work you have been doing is a great idea as you can then hand over your work successfully
  • Dress smart – even though you are leaving, you should still follow the company’s dress code
  • Give your contact details to work colleagues you want to stay in contact with
  • Take copies of any work you have completed for your career portfolio
  • Thank your boss for their mentoring
  • Send round an email/do a company speech to thank everyone for your time there


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