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Wondering whether it’s time for a career change? Check out our list below to help you decide if you’re ready!

Career Progression

Need a New Challenge

If you have been working in the same position for a while and feel unchallenged then this is an ideal reason to start looking for a new job. It could be an internal vacancy or you may want to write a resume and send it out to other employers. Feeling unchallenged at work can lead to boredom and feeling unmotivated. If you enjoy the job then talk to your manager about taking on extra responsibilities and new projects. However if this isn’t an option you should consider looking at alternatives.

Career Development

If you are comfortable in a position but don’t feel it’s developing your skills and experience then you should look at other options. Career development is vital if you want to progress in an industry, earn more money and gain a bigger job title. If this isn’t important to you then stay in the position. However if you want to progress within the industry you shouldn’t stay in a ‘comfortable’ job for too long. It may be daunting to start looking for other jobs but the rewards are often worth it.

Senior Roles

Moving jobs to gain a more senior position can help to develop your career, work experience and industry skills. Whether it’s working for the same organisation or applying for a senior role in another company, moving to a senior position can really improve your career path.

Company Culture

Unfortunately very few people love going to work however you shouldn’t dread going to work. One of the reasons for this could be that you are bored or it could be the work atmosphere and company culture. If you can’t change this by discussing it with colleagues then it could be time for a change.

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