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We have mentioned before that doing work experience or an internship is a fantastic way of boosting your knowledge and resume.

There are various internships available, depending on what industry and job role you want to go in to. It’s crucial that you choose the right role because you can add this to your professional resume when applying for paid roles.

Although internships are slightly different to every day working life there are number of things you should consider when working in the role. If you impress, you could end up with a job offer.

Working in an internship

  • When applying for an internship ensure you write a relevant cover letter.
  • At interview be sure to express your interest in the industry as well as the company – interns are valued heavily on their enthusiasm for the industry and career path so this is an important area.
  • Be prepared to be offered a very low wage, perhaps even just expenses. As these kind of positions are highly sought after and offer unique industry experience it’s common for the pay to be minimal. However this will pay off when you can put the experience on your resume!

On the Job

  • Ensure you turn up to work early every day – during an internship it is crucial to show you are eager to be in the role (after all, you wouldn’t be doing the job for free if you didn’t like it, would you?)
  • Say yes – during an internship it is likely you will be asked to undertake tasks which might seem trivial. Stick with it. Quite often employers will test you in the first few weeks and (depending on how you perform) you will be given more responsibility.
  • Ask for tasks. Be vocal in your role. The reason you are there is to enhance your resume and to gain experience – if you’re not being given tasks then this is effectively a waste of time.
  • Ask to shadow someone. Usually an employer will offer this during work experience but if they don’t, ask to shadow someone for a few days. Observing someone’s every day work is a great way of learning.
  • Towards the end of your internship ensure you leave your contact details and ask about any work opportunities – you never know, it could lead to a job role.
  • Ask for a reference. The great thing about internships is that you can ask for a professional reference which will boost your resume and chances of securing a job in your preferred industry.

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