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Some jobs can require extra qualifications. The great thing about qualifications today is that you can often study from home alongside work and lifestyle commitments.

Career Progression

The flexibility of some courses today means you can study for your dream job in your own time and with less pressure than school education. You don’t have to turn up during class time or be restricted to term time.

If you have discovered you need to gain new qualifications for a job, first spend some time researching what qualification is best for your career progression. Home studying can be tough though so here are a few tips to help you maximise your chances of success;

  • Studying from home can be flexible so there will always be a temptation to delay work. It’s crucial that you put the required amount of time in and don’t delay your work too much as you could end up playing catch up to your other class mates.
  • If you left school a while ago you’ll probably feel nervous at the thought of applying to study again. But be confident!
  • Perseverance is vital – it can take years to study and achieve your dream job. Ensure you remain dedicated and finish the course.
  • Update your resume template throughout your study period to keep your resume fresh.
  • Try and gain work experience alongside studying as it can help when it comes to sending out job applications.

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