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Changing careers can be quite daunting. If you are venturing into a different industry then you are likely to feel out of your depth at first and a bit of a ‘newbie’. But career moves are essential if you want to gain career progression. Still don’t know if you have made the right move? Take a look at the list below to help you find out.


Career Progression


If you are gaining recognition in your new job then this is a good sign. Recognition is a sign of good management and it demonstrates that you are valued in the work place. If your new boss praises some work you have done or uses your work as an example to other employees then it shows you are appreciated. This is a great environment to be in if you are looking to progress your career.

It’s Challenging

If you find a position challenging this indicates that you want to do well. Obviously you don’t want to be out of your depth or struggling to complete tasks, but being challenged by your work load means it’s a step up on the career ladder. Being challenged by work will also help you to stay focused and motivated and should mean you’re not bored in the position.

You Enjoy It

This is obvious but if you are enjoying the role you shouldn’t worry about whether it was the right move or not! Enjoying your work will help you to grow your experience, develop your resume template and should lead to career success.

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