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Sometimes we feel that, despite fantastic performance at work, we are being overlooked for promotion. This oversight can be attributed to a number of factors, most of which are in your control. Here are some helpful tips to help you maximise your potential within your current organisation.

  • Make sure you show an active interest in the structure of the company and how the departments co-ordinate with each other. Be seen to be asking probing questions and, if possible, suggest solutions to current operational issues which might help to streamline the running of the business.
  • Find someone, either inside or outside the organisation, who can monitor your progress and provide insight into your work.
  • Push yourself forward by drawing attention to your accomplishments. Obviously don’t be branded an arrogant individual but it is important to slyly make people aware of the good job you are doing.
  • Be seen to care about the individuals around you and their morale. This shows you have personal skills and is a good sign of strong leadership.
  • Be open to change and advice on how you can improve. If it is noted that you are improving as an employee, that will strengthen your case for promotion.
  • Show that you are committed to the company and see your career progressing within their internal structure. Do not talk of positions or ambitions elsewhere.
  • Behave well outside of work. Remember that your reputation outside of your working environment can be just as important as inside work.
  • Make strong relationships with people. This doesn’t just apply to your superiors, it is important to be a likeable character throughout the work place.

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