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Every so often a change in career is needed. It could be for a better salary. It could be for more career progression. But how exactly do you know when is the right time to look for a job and how do you know if you are ready to change careers? Check out the list below to help you identify whether you are ready to make the career jump.

Career Progression

Assess Your Work Load

Look at your daily work routine and assess whether it is challenging and exciting enough. Unfortunately it’s quite rare to work in a job where you love every day at the office however you should at least look forward to tackling work projects and gaining results. If you find yourself not really wanting to whittle down your work load you need to assess why. Are you passionate about the job? Do you want to progress within the company? Are you bored? Sit down and review your own daily routine to assess whether it’s time for a change.

Career Goals

Having work goals and long term career goals is essential to career progression and happiness. But if you do not like the company you are working for or the working culture then you need to decide whether you want to progress there. If not, you should start preparing your resume template and looking out for other opportunities.


You will probably spend time networking within your industry anyway but this is a great way of meeting new people and deciding whether it’s time for a change. Meeting people from other companies who have similar experience to you is a great way of making valuable career connections. Find out more about the companies they have worked for, the projects they have completed and the progression they have made. You may find that there are better career prospects at a different company so it’s always a good idea to network with key contacts.

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