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If you have been in the same job for a while you’ll probably be looking to progress your career. Aiming for a job promotion and a salary increase is one way of doing this. If you are looking to improve your salary this year, check out these tips to help:

Career Progression

  • Extra work. Taking on extra work is essential if you want to get noticed in the work place and if you want to progress your career. Asking for extra work will show that you are organised, passionate about the job and have a desire to succeed. It will also help you to stand out from your competition or other colleagues who may be in line for a promotion. Ensure you speak to your manager regularly and update them on your progress. Taking on extra work doesn’t mean you have to stay late at work every day but put in some extra hours to show your dedication.
  • Be punctual. Being punctual at work is very important when it comes to asking for a promotion or improving your salary. You need to be able to demonstrate to the employer that you are reliable and consistent in order to gain a salary increase and being punctual at work is one way of doing this.
  • Be vocal. Your employer won’t know that you are looking for progression unless you tell them! Call regular meetings with your manager to discuss your progress and ask what you need to do to work to the next level. You should also be vocal when it comes to sharing ideas and creating new work processes as this will demonstrate you have a genuine interest in improving the company’s performance.
  • Set goals. Goals can be a great way or organising your work load and helping you to excel in performance. Set monthly targets at work and ensure you update your progress throughout the month. Hitting regular targets will show that you are motivated and will help you to work towards a salary increase.
  • Build rapport. If you want to stand out at work you need to be able to build good rapport with both colleagues and customers. Spend time talking with customers, improving your customer service skills and get involved in social events at work.

Once you have a plan in motion be sure to regularly assess your performance. Salary increases don’t happen overnight so be patient and persist!


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