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When the weather starts to heat up and it’s t-shirt weather it can be hard to know what to wear to the office. Most companies operate a dress code so how do you know what is within its limits? It’s crucial you don’t go against company policy, especially if you’re aiming for career progression. We’ve put together a clothing check list below to help you get your office wardrobe perfect for the summer!


Career Progression

  • Don’t go overboard. The sun can come out quickly, especially in some parts of the US, but it can disappear just as quickly. You don’t want to be left at work wearing minimal clothing if the weather turns so make sure you’re prepared.
  • Ask your boss if you are unsure. This is the easiest way to know what you can and can’t wear. If not, check your original employment contract which should give you some guidelines.
  • Don’t show too much flesh. If a client visits your office and sees lots of casual wear they are likely to gain the wrong impression of the organisation. Whatever you wear ensure it stays professional.
  • Think of your wardrobe like you do your resume template. It’s the first thing many people at work see and it can leave a lasting impression so ensure you change your outfits regularly.
  • Wear neutral colours. It might be tempting to wear bold colours and bold patterns in the hot weather but remember you are in the office!
  • Try to avoid sandals or beach footwear. Most companies will frown upon these because of health and safety. If you do want to wear them, ensure you have a spare pair of office shoes in your bag.


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