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There are a number of things you can do if you want to be recognised in the work place and in order to secure career progression. But there are some things you should steer clear of too. Career Progression

In any job there is likely to be career progression opportunities available. Whether it’s working in a management position, moving departments or increasing your salary – there are always development opportunities.

It’s natural to want to get recognised as a stand-out employee because not only will this lead to career progression but it will help you to gain more work experience and it will boost your resume template.

Here are a few things you should try and avoid if you’re aiming to get promoted:

  • Refusing to take extra work on; It is crucial that you accept any extra responsibilities if you want to progress within your job. It will show you are dedicated and interested in progressing within the organisation.
  • Turning up late; Being punctual at work might sound obvious, but it makes a big impact on your progression. If you turn up early most days to work it will demonstrate you are reliable and trustworthy – two traits that are vital to success.
  • Being unsociable at work; If you don’t interact with your colleagues and network you might be left out of any job news.
  • Hiding away new ideas; Hiding away new ideas will be a hindrance to your progression – you need to show the employer that you are creative and forward thinking.
  • Not having a voice in the company; This will mean you might go unnoticed. Speak up and ensure you voice any extra work you’ve done.


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