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It doesn’t happen to everyone, but every now and then you may be wondering if you are working in the right industry. It’s never too late to change your employer and you may find yourself wanting to explore different industries and different career paths for a variety of reasons.

Your cover letter is crucial when sending out either speculative or specific emails to recruiters.

Cover Letter Writing - Changing Careers

Selling Yourself

If you fall into the ‘wanting to change my career’ category then you may find it slightly difficult at first. After all, your resume is full of experience in (what you believe to be) the wrong industry. With little or no experience in the relevant field, you are limited to where you can apply. That is why highlighting your relevant skills on your cover letter is so crucial in persuading an employer that you are right for the job.

Why Change Careers?

There isn’t a correct answer. Perhaps you are bored. You could simply be wanting to add another string to your bow or you may have actually fallen out of love with your current profession and be looking for a new challenge. Either way, changing careers can be less complicated than you think and is definitely worth doing if you have any doubts about the career path you are following.

What to Include

Ensure you include the following on your cover letter and attach this to your professional resume:

  • Highlight key achievements in your field to date
  • Highlight any experience you have in the industry for which you are applying
  • Write down responsibilities in your current role that could translate into the prospective role
  • Explain what you know of the prospective employer’s company and why you want to work for them
  • Explain why you are looking to work in a new industry
  • Tell them what experience and skills you can bring to the company
  • Offer to do work experience (this should come if you have received a rejection letter. It could be a positive way of improving your resume)
  • Expand on your hopes for the future within the company and demonstrate you want longevity in the role

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