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Series 8 of popular television show The Apprentice is about to hit UK television screens. The show, which follows candidates from around the UK bidding to win a large business investment, attracts thousands of viewers every year. There are a variety of characters from a variety of backgrounds so with this in mind, Resume Surgeon asks the question – what makes a good apprentice?



Past episodes of this popular programme have shown that a variety of characters make it through to the final stages. Candidates have worked in a range of industries and the winner each year is always different to the last.

But generally each candidate has displayed the same skills and no doubt expressed these in their resume template before they began the process. This is the same for every apprentice position – including the ones not on television!

If you’re thinking of applying to an apprenticeship here are a few ingredients that can help to boost your chances;

  • A well written resume. Resume writing is crucial in this process as you need to impress enough to be invited to an interview.
  • Hard working. To get to the final stages of any job application you need to show true determination.
  • Have a voice. Just like in a workshop interview, a good apprentice will speak out and share their ideas. This will help you to get noticed.
  • Working well under pressure. Most apprentices will be given tasks that seem daunting at first but it’s important to take these tasks on without faltering and to put 100% effort in.
  • Job interview practice. A good apprentice will prepare well for job interviews and ask intuitive questions too.

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