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To progress in any company you need to excel in your current position. Working hard within your current job will help you to progress your career and stand out within the company. Here are some tips to help you get noticed. Job Promotion

  • Refer back to your resume template and ensure you are meeting your own expectations. Look at what you included in your original application and think about how you are performing.
  • Have a voice. Having a voice in the company is crucial if you want to get noticed – speak out at company events and ensure you mix with your colleagues.
  • Share ideas. If you can demonstrate that you have good ideas and are forward thinking the company will see your value and you are more likely to progress.
  • Dedication. This is a key quality to display if you’re looking to gain a job promotion. Staying behind late, turning up early and attending work events out of office hours will show that you are dedicated to the organisation.
  • Networking. Internal networking is crucial – speaking to colleagues from different departments will help to make your position stronger. But attending external networking events will help you to meet new people and it will show you are trying to promote the company and your experience.

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