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Many people dream of working from home and never having to step foot in an office again. Thousands of candidates send their resume templates out in the hope that they will be offered freelance work or flexi-time, allowing them to work from home. But working from home isn’t for everyone – check out the list below to decide whether it’s the right career move for you.

Flexibility or Not…

This is one of the biggest attractions for people wanting to work from home. Working from home allows you more freedom than an office job. There is no traffic to contend with during rush hour and no set office hours (depending on the job you are doing). Therefore you can usually – within reason – work whatever hours you wish as long as you get the work done. This can be very rewarding however unless you are extremely motivated you could find the hours whittling down and your quality of work suffering. Some people also like the structure of an office – because you can leave your work at work. However if you work from your house it can be difficult to separate work and home life so consider this carefully before you apply.

No Distractions

If you work alone there are little distractions. No office discussions, lengthy work meetings or colleagues trying to talk to you. Although this can leave you more time to work, many people thrive from work breaks and office discussions. Are you someone that needs interaction?

No Boss

If you find a work-from-home job you will obviously have a boss, but they may not be sat next to you. Many work-from-home jobs allow you to check in with your employers via Skype and email, meaning you won’t be supervised by them constantly. Although this is attractive to many candidates, it takes a lot more self motivation to finish work projects on time. If you are someone who needs constant support or clarification on tasks then this may not be ideal.


You may think that you will be more motivated by a work-from-home position because you will be in your own environment and comfortable. However self motivation is essential and because you are at home you may find yourself falling into routines you would do during out of work hours. If this does happen it could be damaging to your job and your career progression.

Looking at the above should help you to decide whether a work-from-home position is for you. Either way, if you are currently applying for jobs, try our online resume builder to help you create your perfect resume!

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