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Resume Surgeon > Blog > Why You Should Demonstrate Rapport Building on Your Resume

Rapport building skills are very desirable and many employers look for these in candidates they hire. So why are rapport building skills so vital, and how do you show them when writing a resume? Read on to find out:

Business Development

Good rapport building skills usually means you are good at business development. Building new clients and attracting new customers is hard to do if you don’t have good professional relationships so showing that you are a good rapport builder will demonstrate that you can bring in new business.

How to show this on your resume: Give examples of previous roles where you have built relationships with new customers or helped to secure new business – briefly explain how you developed this relationship and what impact it had on the company.


If you have good rapport building skills then it’s likely you are an approachable person. It’s difficult to build relationships with clients and staff and not be approachable and friendly!

How to show this on your resume: Highlight your rapport building skills with your colleagues by mentioning specific events like team building days or work social events. Explain how your professional relationships have benefitted the organisation.


Good rapport building skills also means you are a person that can be trusted. Building professional relationships that last is difficult and can usually only be done if you are a trusted and respected individual in the industry.

How to show this on your resume: Mention specific examples of where employers may have trusted you with large parts of the business – whether it was working on an important project or managing existing customer relationships. Try to demonstrate occasions where you have been trusted to complete crucial tasks and then highlight what this meant to the company.

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