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Thousands of companies offer internships. They are often unpaid and can see you working in a company for weeks, sometimes months, to gain experience and to find out more about your chosen industry. But as many of these positions are competitive and unpaid – why should you apply for an internship? Here are a few reasons why internships can be good for your career progression:

Gain Work Experience

First and foremost, internships can be a great way to gain work experience. Want to work in a particular industry but don’t have much experience? Ten you’ve no doubt been turned down for a job interview when you have applied for a job before. That’s because most employers require you to have some work experience – whether it’s paid or unpaid – to show you can do the job and succeed in the role. One way to get your foot on the ladder is by applying for an internship. Companies are usually more open to you joining them in an internship role without work experience, as they treat these roles as a learning curve. Once you are working in an internship you can start to learn more about the job role, take on some responsibilities and get some experience under your belt.

Update Your Resume

You can update your resume with your internship responsibilities, which can be very helpful when applying for jobs. Internships can not only help you to bulk up the work experience section of your resume but they can also help you to list any skills you have learned during your work placement. Having an up to date resume full of relevant skills and experience will help when it comes to applying for jobs.

Meet Industry Contacts

You never know who you might meet during an internship. If you make a good impression with the Managing Director of the company then you’ve made a valuable industry contact – if a job comes up within the company you’ll probably be the first to know. Similarly building rapport with your colleagues and manager and keeping in contact with them will improve your chances of finding full time employment. If you make a good impression you may even be offered a job during your internship.

Help You Choose a Career Path

If you are unsure what industry you want to work in, what responsibilities you want to take on or you are considering changing careers but don’t know what to expect then an internship can be a great way to explore an industry. Securing a week long internship will give you an opportunity to experience the industry and will help you decide whether it’s the right career path for you.

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