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how to resign at work

If you have been to a job interview and been offered the role, there are a few things to consider before you hand in your notice.

Travel Time

Before you accept the job you need to assess the travel time and how long it will take you to get to your new place of work. There is no point in accepting a position if you find out that the route to work is too long or that you can’t get there. Plan your route, find out ways to get there and assess how long the journey will take before you accept the job.


If you have been for a job interview you probably know the job role and responsibilities well but you should re-assess them before formally accepting the position. Are the responsibilities something you are familiar with? Are you confident you can fulfill the position? Re-read the job description to ensure you understand the role fully.


If you didn’t ask about progression opportunities during the job interview you may want to try and find this out before starting work. If you want to work towards a management position and there is not the opportunity to do that in this role, should you reassess?


If you have been offered a job you should have an offer of employment including remuneration and salary details. You should carefully assess this before accepting. Ensure the salary matches your skills and experience and also that it can cover all of your outgoings. You may need to negotiate before accepting the job.

Start Date

If you have been given a provisional start date you need to check that you can honour this. Check your current notice period and ensure you are able to make the start date – if you can’t; you need to speak to your potential employer and ask them to change this before you can officially resign.

Check through all details of the job offer thoroughly and ensure any questions you have get answered. You’re now ready to hand your notice in. If you need any help on this read our advice article on how to resign.

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