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Trying to decide an office outfit every day can be very tiring. You want to look different every day and you want to impress. But sometimes, especially if you are feeling ill, you may get the overwhelming urge to turn up in your pyjamas! No matter how bad you feel you should always turn up to the office in good work clothes.

Think about it – no matter how sick you may feel during a job search, you would never send out your resume template unfinished. Similarly, when you are going to the office you should dress to impress as it can help towards career progression and demonstrates you are professional. Although every office is different, check out the tips below on what to avoid to help you dress for work;

Less Is More

You should not show too much skin – as this can give off the wrong impression. Most company work policies will state this anyway but as a rule you should avoid it. If it’s a hot day try wearing short sleeves or thin material like chiffon instead.

Try Not to Repeat Yourself

OK, it’s unrealistic to think you can buy a new outfit for every day you are at work – it could end up costing you a fortune! But you should try and wear a variety of outfits – perhaps teaming a different top with the same work skirt.

Avoid Looking Unprepared

Some offices operate a ‘casual’ clothing policy but most still want you to look smart in case of company meetings and visitors so try not to take the dress code too seriously by wearing flip flops and jeans.

Avoid Creases

If you are wearing a shirt you should ensure it is ironed and doesn’t leave you looking scruffy.

If you are still confused on what to wear to work check out our career video, how to dress for a job interview.

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