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first day at work

If you are about to start a new job here are some tips for your first day at work which should help you to make an impression…

Dress Smart

Just like when you attended your job interview, you should plan your outfit ahead of your first day at work. Although you have secured the job you still need to make an impression. Showing up on your first day in a smart outfit will show that you have prepared for the day and that you are professional. Plan your outfit the day before to help you feel more organised.

Eat Right

Getting into the office on your first day at work and having your stomach rumble constantly throughout meetings can be embarrassing. Skipping breakfast will leave you feeling hungry but can also affect your concentration levels at work. Ensure you eat before you get to the office to keep your motivation levels up.

Be Early

If you want to make an impression on your first day at work then it’s crucial you turn up on time and ready to approach your daily role. If you turn up late to your first day at work then it can give the employer the wrong impression and may make them think you are not that keen to start working with them. Ensure you set your alarm clock with plenty of time to spare and plan your route as this will help you to feel more organised at work.


During your job interview you may have made notes about the job and you may have noted down some questions you have on the role. You should take these notes to refer to during your first day at work. Not only will this help you to focus on the job role and to understand the position better, but it will demonstrate that you are prepared. You can also make notes during your first day at work to outline procedures you are responsible for. Having notes to refer to should ensure you avoid asking the same question twice and will help you to be autonomous in the role.

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