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If you have sent out your resume and cover letter and been offered a job interview then you’ll probably be starting your job interview preparation and getting set to answer some interview questions. But there are still quite a few hurdles to jump before you are offered the job. Check out these three interview mistakes that could cost you the job and some ways to avoid them:

Not Knowing Names

If you have been invited to a job interview you will be told the time and location of your interview and (usually) the people set to interview you. If you are told the name and job role of the person who is interviewing you it can be easier to prepare some job interview questions. If you are told this and ignore the information then you may find it more difficult to prepare for the interview. You’ll usually be asked to introduce yourself to the interviewer too and if they believe you should know their name and you don’t it could make you look unprepared.

Tip: If you have been sent the interviewer’s name ensure you check the company website to find out their job role and length of time within the company. This will allow you to form some intuitive questions and when you meet the interviewer you will be able to make the interview more personable and relaxed.

Showing Up Late

Turning up late to a job interview can really damage your chances of progressing further in the process. If you turn up late to the interview and can’t provide a reasonable explanation then the employer will think you are unreliable and untrustworthy. Employers will be judging you on first impressions so it’s crucial you make a good one!

Tip: Plan your route to the interview and allow for plenty of time for delays. If you are using public transport ensure you calculate how long the route will take you. If you are using your own transport find out about parking and get directions to the venue.

Lack of Job Knowledge

If you have applied for a role and don’t do your research on what it involves and what the main responsibilities are, then you’ll probably find it very hard to impress the interviewer. An employer will want to know why you are interested in the job, why you are the right candidate for it, what skills you have that are relevant and what you think you could bring to the role. If you have a lack of knowledge on what the job entails then you’re interview answers won’t be in depth and you’ll find it tough to match the answers to the role and make them relevant.

Tip: Research the job description and main responsibilities and look at your own resume and work experience and highlight any relevant experience or examples of work. Try to personalise your resume to the role and highlight any relevant key skills and qualifications you have.

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