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If you have been sending your resume out time and time again with no reply you are probably starting to feel frustrated. But don’t fret – here are three tips to help you stand out to an employer so your next job application should be a success!

Have a Great Cover Letter

Most employers will read through your cover letter before assessing your resume writing and they won’t have much time either. It’s estimated the average employer will look at your application for up to thirty seconds before deciding whether to read on. So if your cover letter is the first thing an employer reads about you, it needs to be good! Personalise your cover letter by finding out the name of the person conducting interviews and address it to them. Use your cover letter to introduce your skills and to demonstrate why you think you are the right candidate for the role. Also briefly outline why you want to work for the company. Keep your cover letter brief – a few paragraphs will do. But if you can grab the employer’s attention and make them want to find out more, then they will read your resume and there is every chance you’ll be invited to a job interview. If you want to find out more about writing a cover letter head over to our cover letter section.

Gain Work Experience

Employers like to know that you are not only qualified to do the job, but that you are capable of doing it. The best way to demonstrate this is through your work experience. Showing an employer that you have used your skills in previous positions and made an impact to previous organisations will help your application stand out from the competition. If you haven’t got much work experience why not consider applying for an internship in the industry you want to work in? Or volunteer to boost your resume credentials.

Do Your Research

If an employer can’t see why you want the job in your job application then they are unlikely to invite you to interview. You need to show them why you want to work for the organisation and why you want to work in the job role. Use both your cover letter and resume to outline your career goals and aspirations and match them with the job role you are applying for.

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