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skype interview tips

Skype job interviews are becoming more common. Various companies use Skype to complete the first stage of a job interview before inviting a candidate to a face-to-face meeting. But with only a camera to look at and a limited view of the interviewer’s body language – how do you know you are impressing them? Here are three ways to impress during a Skype job interview.

Know the Job

It’s crucial that you know the job and do your research before you have a Skype interview. Although you will not be sat in an office with the interviewer, they will be able to see you on video. So if they ask you a question about the company or the job role, you won’t be able to Google it! Just like in an ordinary job interview, you will need to show the employer you have done your research and that you know the role well. Visit the company website prior to the interview and ensure you use the information to outline why you want to work for the company and what skills you can bring to the team.

Find a Good Location

You will need to pick a good location for the interview to help it run smoothly. If an employer can’t see you because of bad lighting or can’t hear you because you are in a public place, it may be difficult to portray your key skills and passion for the role. Choose a location where you can lay your job interview notes out and a location where you will be able to concentrate and answer questions concisely.

Dress Smart

Although you won’t be face-to-face with the employer they will be able to see you during your Skype job interview so it is essential that you dress smart. If you look scruffy the employer will think you haven’t put much effort into preparing for the interview. During a Skype interview the employer will also have a first impression of you so it needs to be a good one. Dressing smart will demonstrate that you are professional and could help you get to the next interview stage.

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