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If you have been job hunting for a while then you may find yourself having to refresh your resume writing every so often. Revisiting your resume to make amendments can be very rewarding and could increase your chances of finding employment. If you have been looking for a job for months and aren’t sure whether you need to rewrite your resume, then check out these three reasons why it could be a good idea.

You Are Not Getting Interest from Employers

If you haven’t had any feedback from employers on your resume then it probably isn’t doing enough to impress them. Most employers, even if they don’t offer you the job, will get back to you on your application including your resume and content. If you are sending out your resume to employers and failing to get a response then it could be time for a revamp. Revisit your resume content, look at your key skills, look at the job descriptions you are including and check for any grammatical errors.

You Can’t Secure a Job Interview

You are invited to a job interview because of your resume and key skills. It’s the first thing an employer will see and therefore its essential you make a good first impression. If you are failing to secure job interviews then you may need to rewrite some of your content. Have you highlighted all of your relevant skills? Have you mentioned all of your experience? Do you have any impressive hobbies that you can add? Revise your resume content to make improvements and ensure you tailor them to the company you are applying to.

It Hasn’t Been Updated

If you are sending out a resume that has unexplained employment gaps on it and doesn’t reflect your current situation then it’s unlikely you’ll be invited to meet with an employer. Ensure you keep your resume up to date – add in any new experience, add in new skills and keep it as fresh as possible so an employer can visualise you working in their company.

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