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jobs after high school

When you leave high school you may want to go straight into employment. Here are three roles that you could go into straight after high school and start earning money…

Recruitment Consultant

Working as a Recruitment Consultant can not only be rewarding but it can also be very lucrative. Many companies offer bonuses and incentive schemes for recruiters – which are designed to motivate recruiters to place candidates into employment. The job of a Recruitment Consultant is effectively matching candidates with relevant job opportunities and placing them into employment. The job includes liaising with existing customers and companies to identify what roles they are recruiting for, finding candidates and interviewing them based on their resume and experience, coaching candidates for an interview with the employer and following up job interviews with clients in order to successfully fill vacancies. The job of a recruiter is fast paced and requires good problem solving skills, time management skills and good rapport building skills. You don’t need any specific qualifications to become a Recruitment Consultant as most companies provide training.

Real Estate Agent

A Real Estate Agent is responsible for helping clients to buy, sell or rent properties. The main job role includes advertising properties for sale, talking to both buyers and sellers to establish needs, negotiating prices and organising paperwork. As well as being a good negotiator and having strong sales skills, candidates usually have to have strong networking abilities as building up a network of contacts in the industry is essential. Qualifications depend on the state you are working in but generally you need a high school diploma and then may need to complete on the job training.

Personal Assistant

If you like organisation and are good at thinking on your feet then a career as a Personal Assistant could be for you. There are a number of industries and companies that require Personal Assistants to help organise and run a business. The main role of a Personal Assistant is to organise diaries, organise travel, assist with any extra work, liaise with clients, send emails, take phone calls and other general admin responsibilities. Travel is usually involved in the job too – especially if it’s a Personal Assistant to a Director of a company. Although specific qualifications are not needed a strong knowledge of PCs and Word packages is desirable as is experience in an organisational role.

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