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Every now and then when you apply for a job you might be required to complete a telephone interview. Many companies use telephone job interviews as the first step in their recruitment process. This allows an employer to not only assess your skills and expertise before meeting you, but it also allows them to streamline the job applications they receive.

If you are offered a telephone interview then it’s essential you impress in order to get through to the face-to-face interview stage. Check out the tips below to ensure you impress during a telephone interview:

Practice Your Tone

Your tone during a telephone interview is crucial because it’s the first impression the employer will have of you. If you have a monotonous tone and don’t sound enthusiastic then the employer may think you aren’t that interested in the job. Instead practice your tone before the interview to ensure you sound positive, upbeat and motivated.


Researching the company and the job role before you have your telephone interview could be the difference between getting invited to a face-to-face interview and not. An employer will want to find out what you know about their organisation, what you know about the job, what you can bring to the job and why you want to work for them. Visit the company website and social media pages to find out their latest news and revise the job description.

Know Your Resume

Knowing your resume content well before a telephone interview can really help you to explain your relevant work experience and skills. Practice your resume writing before the interview to help you remember the key points you want to raise.

Pick Somewhere Quiet

During a job interview on the phone it’s vital that you are able to hear the employer and think through your answers. Therefore you should try to pick an appropriate location before the employer calls you – preferably somewhere quiet.

Don’t Be Afraid to Pause

It may be awkward, but pausing during a telephone job interview is essential if you want to impress an employer. Taking time to think through questions you are asked will help you to form better responses and should improve your chances of being invited to a second interview.

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