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Writing a new resume and wondering whether you should spend time on the layout and design? Here are some reasons why designing a resume is crucial when applying for jobs.

It Looks Good

First and foremost, choosing a resume template and a new design for your resume will make your resume look attractive. If you send an employer a resume that has no layout and lacks structure it could look messy. This could hinder your chances of securing a job interview as the employer may think you haven’t put much effort into your application.

It Helps You to Focus

Designing a resume can help you to focus on your work experience and list everything down that you think is relevant to the role. If you don’t spend any time on laying out your resume, you may miss important job roles out of your work experience and it may make it more difficult to personalise your job application. Designing your resume and spending time on the layout will help you to include all of the relevant content and it will also enable you to proof read your resume for any mistakes.

It Is Easy to Read

Employers receive a lot of emails and a lot of resumes. When sending your resume to an employer you should make it as easy as possible for them to read and as easy as possible for them to pick up key information like skills, qualifications and experience. Designing your resume carefully and using a clear and concise layout will make your resume quick and easy to read.

It Looks Different

Because employers receive hundreds (possibly thousands) of resumes for job roles they advertise it’s crucial that you make your resume and cover letter stand out from the crowd. Most candidates will send a resume in on plain paper and standard font and most resumes will look the same. By spending time on your resume layout you can make yours look different from the rest – which should hopefully help you stand out. Consider spending time on the design, colour, images and font of your resume to make it as original (and professional) as possible.

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