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If you are looking to work in one particular industry then you need to ensure you have a solid profile. You need to be recognisable to industry contacts in order to highlight your resume template and experience and to gain job opportunities. But how do you become recognisable to contacts? And how do you increase your industry profile? Check out the tips below.

• Networking is important in every industry. If you are trying to raise your profile then attending networking events and chatting to contacts is an effective way of doing this. Look for networking events in your area, print off copies of your resume, dress to impress and talk to people. It’s crucial to talk to people at these events – you won’t gain much if you just show up and stand in the corner!

• Use online resources to meet and converse with industry contacts. Social sites like Facebook and Twitter are very popular with companies so ensure you get online, follow relevant companies and organisations and interact.

• Work experience is vital in order to build a career portfolio and industry reputations. Spend time focusing on companies you would like to work for and find out if they are operating an internship scheme.

• Use all of the resume tools available to you. Look at sample resumes in your chosen industry to see what is popular with employers, use both online and offline resources to find industry contacts and ensure you spend time mastering your craft. If you are able to become an expert in your field then it is likely your reputation will be known and you will grab the attention of the industry.

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