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After you have been to a job interview the next step is to wait for a response from an employer. But if they don’t get back to you for weeks you may need to write a follow up letter. Check below to help you compile a follow up letter and to make an impression.


Before you send out your follow up letter ensure you allow plenty of time after the interview. The employer is probably very busy and it may take weeks for them to contact you so ensure you are patient. If you contact them too quickly it could make you look too keen. Wait at least two weeks after your interview before contacting the employer.

Write a Concise Letter

Your follow up letter needs to be concise. Just like when you are writing a resume, an employer won’t have time to read through pages and pages of text. They will only need to see a few lines of text so keep it simple.

Get to the Point

Don’t waffle on your follow up letter. Make a point – what are you trying to achieve from the follow up letter? Tell the employer and get to the point.

Reinforce Your Interest

Writing a follow up letter is another way of reinforcing your interest in the position. Take the time to tell the employer that you are interested in working for them and still very interested in the opportunity.

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