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Staying motivated during a working day can be tough. Tiredness, boredom and restlessness can all lead to you feeling unmotivated. But this can have serious effects on your work and career progression. Read our tips below to help you stay motivated at work.


Talking to your colleagues throughout the day will help you to stay upbeat at work. Whether it is chatting to them socially during a break or talking about work related subjects, interaction at work is essential to keep you motivated.

Take Breaks

Regular breaks away from your desk can help you to stay awake. If you spend too much time staring at your computer screen you could feel lethargic. Take regular breaks to ensure you don’t fall asleep at your desk!


Exercise can help to boost your energy levels. Activities like yoga are a proven way of helping to lower stress levels in the body and therefore will help you to concentrate at work.

Plan Your Day

Setting out a daily plan will help you to reach goals and maintain motivation. Try putting goals on your planner and assess them throughout the day. Tick these off your list and it will help you to keep focus.

Organise Meetings

If you are feeling unmotivated at work it could be for a number of reasons. You may not have enough work to do or the projects you are working on may not be challenging enough. Organising meetings with your boss could help you to identify any issues and solve them.

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