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Every so often your resume will need a spring clean. If you’re applying for a new job you’ll need to dust it off, delete anything irrelevant, add new content and give the design an update too! So if you are about to refresh yours, here are some ideas to help!

Check Personal Details

If you’ve recently moved house or changed your phone number you should check your resume reflects your new contact details. When you send out your resume you need to ensure an employer can contact you immediately and if wrong details are on your resume then you could be missing out on an interview opportunity!

Update Experience

It’s crucial that you update your work experience if you haven’t been keeping it up to date when moving jobs. The work experience section of your resume is the first thing an employer will look at as it will tell them if you have relevant experience and the skill set to work for their company. So add new content to your experience including any volunteering, charity or internship work you have completed.

Add Skills

If you have learned any new skills – either in a job or in a hobby – you should include them on your resume. Highlight them in your resume and try to refer to them in the work experience section of your resume to demonstrate to an employer how you have used them in the work place.


Your references should be as current as possible. If you haven’t updated your resume in years and have references on there from jobs you were in years ago, then you may not be giving yourself the best chance of securing a new job. When an employer contacts a reference they will be asking them all about your skills and expertise and if you have old reference details on there, then they may not reflect your current offering. So ensure you update your references.


Once you have updated your resume content why not give the design a fresh look? Resume design can not only help your resume content to be laid out more effectively, but it can also grab the employer’s attention! If you want a new resume try using our online resume tool to build one – there’s plenty of resume writing advice along the way and you can choose from a variety of templates to help your resume stand out.

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