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career progression on resume

When re-writing your resume you may want to consider adding in details of your career progression and achievements at work. Not only will this be beneficial when applying for future jobs, but it will also enable you to keep track of your own career progression and targets. Here are some ways you can demonstrate career progression on your resume.

Personal Statement

You can highlight your career progression in the personal statement section of your resume quite easily. Using one or two lines, briefly highlight where you began your career (junior level, trainee etc) and where you are now. This will demonstrate very quickly to the employer how you have progressed in your career so far and what kind of skills you could bring to their company. You can then explain why you are looking to move and why you want to work for them.


Statistics throughout your resume template will help you to highlight your career progression so far and will also help you to support your resume content and any claims you make. Depending on the industry you are working in, you can include statistics throughout the work experience section of your resume when you are explaining your job role and responsibilities. Whether it was a particular project that was a success, the number of new customers you brought into the business you previously worked for or the amount of money you saved your department on implementing strategies – include it in your resume! Not only will this demonstrate to a prospective employer the impact you could have on their company but it also supports your work experience and job application.

Reference Quotes

Most candidates use their reference details at the end of their resume or hold reference details back until they have been offered a job. But to show your career progression and development within your chosen industry, you could add quotes throughout your resume from ex-employers. Ask your ex-employers or colleagues to comment on how you have progressed within the industry, how you have had an impact in previous jobs and what they think of your overall potential in the workplace. You can then scatter these quotes throughout your resume in the relevant work experience sections to further highlight your career to date and progress.

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