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how to send your resume to an employment agency

If you are job searching at the moment, you have probably considered approaching employment agencies to help you find a job. Employment agencies can really enhance your job search as usually they will have access to exclusive opportunities and most agents will have built up good working relationships with a variety of companies. So if you are about to approach an employment agency, here are some tips on how to send in your resume:

Find Employment Agencies

The first thing you need to do is to find relevant employment agencies. If you are looking for a general role then a quick search on the internet should allow you to identify recruiters in your area. However if you are looking for a more specialised role or you work in a niche industry, you may need to spend more time researching specialist recruitment companies. Compile a list of relevant employment agencies and browse their websites to do your initial research. Have a brief look on their website for details of current vacancies and ensure you note down any opportunities of interest.

Update Your Resume

It is important that you update your resume before you send it out to employment agencies. If an employment agency receives a resume that is out of date, has gaps in it or is littered with spelling mistakes then it may hinder your job interview chances. Spend time checking spelling and grammar and choose a resume template to layout your work history.

Find Correct Contact

If you are applying for a particular role or you want to work in a specific sector then it’s important you target the right employment agent and that you send your resume out to the right person. This will maximise your chances of finding employment and it will also ensure you don’t waste any of your (or the recruiter’s) time.

Follow Up

Once you have sent your resume and cover letter by email you should make a note of the day you sent it and diarise a follow up call. Employment agencies can become extremely busy and if you don’t follow up your details then your email may be lost in the pile! If you haven’t heard from them, make a call to the office to explain you are confirming they received your resume and details. This will not only ensure your application gets noticed but it will give you the opportunity to introduce yourself to the agency and may even lead to further opportunities.

Arrange Interview

Whether the recruiter calls you or you need to call them, you should try to confirm a date for an interview. This will be quite different to a direct interview with an employer. An interview with an employment agency will be more about your wider job search, career progression plans and your salary/location requirements. The employment agency will need to know all of this in order to search for the best possible job vacancies and to forward you relevant job roles. Once you have had an initial interview with them, the recruiter can begin to forward you job details and hopefully find you employment!

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