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Whether you are working in a job you love or hate, when you are offered your dream job you’ll probably want to run out of the office, take your resume template and belongings with you and never look back. But it is crucial that you resign in a professional manner. We’ve listed below some tips on how to resign from a job.

• Write a list of reasons why you are handing in your resignation. This will help you to articulate your points in a meeting and will also give you focus on why you are leaving the role. Make notes and prepare before you speak to your boss.

• Arrange a meeting. Arranging a face-to-face meeting with your boss and colleagues is polite and the most effective way to a leave a position. If you resign in person it will allow you to keep the rapport you have built and also to voice any concerns you have had during your time with the company. It is crucial that you leave your boss with a positive impression – it is likely you will need to speak to them for a reference and you never know you could end up working with them again!

• Write an official letter. Most companies require this anyway but regardless, this is the best way to leave a position.

• Make notes on how to handle a counter offer. If are well liked in your position you could be offered more money or new responsibilities to stay. If you have 100% made up your mind, you should makes notes on why you are leaving and stick to them. If you can be swayed, make some notes on your negotiation and what you would need to stay.

• Honesty is always a good thing in resignation meetings. If there are procedures you are not happy with, let your boss know as it will help them to improve their company moving forward.

• Let everyone know – not just your boss. It’s not great to leave your colleagues in the dark as they can be valuable contacts for the future and can provide personal references.

• Email people you want to stay in contact with – ensure they have your contact details like your email address. This can prove very powerful if you need to look for jobs in the industry again.

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