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We’ve looked at how to resign at work before on the blog, but if you are still toying with the idea of leaving your job, refresh your memory with these tips to help you resign successfully.


Before you resign ensure you have thought it through. Many people, if they are unhappy in a job or want to progress quickly, will hand in their notice without thinking about the consequences. Do you have a new job to go to? Are the reasons you want to leave the right ones? Are you leaving because of something that can be fixed? Think about all of these things to ensure you are making the right move. If you are struggling to decide try writing a pros and cons list about your current job.

Write it Down

When you make the decision to resign it’s crucial you do it in a professional manner. Write a resignation letter detailing your intent to leave the company and include dates of when you are resigning and when your last day will be (matching your contract). Ensure that you include a line about how much you have enjoyed the role and leave on a positive note.

Arrange a Meeting

Once you have written your resignation letter you should arrange a meeting with your manager. Try and have the meeting in a quiet room, away from colleagues, where you can discuss your reasoning for leaving. Ensure it is a one-to-one meeting with your manager as they may ask you for more details on your resignation and may even attempt a counter offer.

Give Feedback

In your resignation meeting it is a good idea to give your employer feedback about the position. Be polite and thank them for the opportunities given to you but elaborate on your reasons for leaving. If it is something the company is doing wrong, then you should make the employer aware as it may help them with future recruitment.

Build Rapport

When you leave your position you will need a reference so it is vital that you build rapport throughout your job and that you keep it intact when you leave. If you are still working in the industry you never know when you may need to speak to your current boss again so it’s a good idea to keep in contact and keep a strong working relationship.

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