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There are a host of reasons why you may need to organise a work meeting. It could be that you have a new idea to share with your team, company updates that need discussing or it could be a general update. Whatever the reason, when you call a meeting you need to be organised and well prepared as it will help you to gain career progression. We’ve listed down some tips on how to host a work meeting and how to get the most out of it.


You’ll be aware of the importance of preparation if you have attended a job interview, it can really help to improve your organisation and confidence. Make notes before the meeting on what you want to bring up, any points that need to cover and any actions that need to happen.


Organisation is vital in order to host a successful work meeting. If you don’t send out reminders you may end up attending the meeting solo! Send out email reminders, speak to colleagues and arrange a time.

Choose a Location

You need to organise a venue for your meeting and let people know where it is. Try and organise a meeting venue that can hold the number of people due to attend and ensure it’s somewhere quiet so you can focus on the meeting.


Creating discussion is vital if you are leading the meeting. There is no point in getting people to attend a meeting if you are not going to discuss action points so ensure you have a notepad and pen, with a list of things to discuss, and start the talking!

Making Notes

You should make notes throughout the meeting or have someone dedicated to jotting down information. This is crucial because you can use these notes as action points for the future and to ensure everything you discussed gets dealt with.

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