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Searching for a job can take months so if you are currently job hunting check out these tips to help you maximise your employment opportunities.

Follow on Social Media Sites

If you are planning a job search and have a number of companies you want to work for then one of the easiest ways to keep track of their vacancies is to follow them on social media sites. Follow your chosen company on Facebook and Twitter for their latest updates. Not only will this allow you to receive instant news from the company as updates will flash up in your newsfeed, but it also allows you to organise your job search. Once a week you should click through your social media sites to look at who you are following and who you are a fan of. This will enable you to then click through to each company page and to find any posts you may have missed. This method is great for organising your job search and it means you never lose track of your favourite organisations.

Nominate an Offline Day

During your job search it’s crucial to explore all your avenues including offline. Although the vast majority of recruitment is done online, there are still a number of resources offline that could improve your job searching. Ensure you nominate a day during your week to check local newspapers and industry publications for vacancies. You should also contact recruiters during this day and consider handing out your resume to local businesses.

Keep a List

Whether you are out and about, searching online or talking to a contact; opportunities can pop up suddenly. If you don’t make a note of new opportunities it’s likely you’ll forget them so to maximise your job search ensure you keep a list of any vacancies or leads you hear of and follow them up.

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