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When you are looking for a job it is vital you keep your job search up to date. Even if you send out multiple resumes and are awaiting feedback from employers, you should still keep searching and applying for jobs to keep your job search moving. Here are some tips to help you keep your job search current:

Write Resume

During a job search it is crucial that you keep your resume as up to date as possible. If you complete extra projects during your job search or gain new qualifications that you think are worth mentioning on your resume, ensure you include these. Look at your resume every week to ensure the work experience and key skills section is up to date. Looking at your resume regularly will also help you to spot mistakes or sections that need improving and you can tweak these whilst applying for jobs. You can also look at resume templates from the industry you are interested in for ideas on design and layout.

Use Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to keep up to date with your job search and to find out about the latest opportunities. Follow companies you are interested in working for, follow organisations you would like to gain work experience with, follow influential individuals in your industry and follow recruitment companies that specialise in the types of jobs you are looking for. Check your social media profile every day to check for company updates, new job alerts and to get involved in industry conversation. Getting involved on social media sites will also help to raise your industry profile.

Talk to Contacts

Whether it’s talking to industry contacts you have met at networking events, talking to ex colleagues or talking to friends – chatting about your job hunt will help you to keep it current. Not only will talking to people help you to make improvements to your resume but it could also lead to job opportunities. If someone you know is working for a company you are interested in working for then it’s likely they will hear about vacancies first. Talk to your contacts and keep them updated with your employment status to keep up to date with news and job openings.

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