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When it comes to working in the office, when the weather heats up it can be very tempting to ditch the desk and head outside to enjoy the sunshine. Staying motivated at work during the sunnier months can be tough so here are some tips to help you keep your motivation levels up.

Write a To Do List

Writing a to-do-list is a great way of keeping motivated and on track with your work goals. Pin the list on your computer so you can see it every morning you arrive at work. Focus on the immediate tasks and once completed cross them off your list. This will not only help you to maintain focus at work but it’s also a great way of boosting efficiency. You never know, if all of your weekly tasks are completed your boss may even let you head out early to enjoy the sunshine!

Eat Healthily

Eating healthily is a great way of keeping your energy levels high. If you eat junk food during warmer months you are likely to feel lethargic and unmotivated. Plan your meals and eat ‘super foods’ like fruit and salads to help you keep focused.


Spending time away from your desk is essential to keep motivation levels high. Take regular breaks throughout your day and on your lunch ensure you step outside. Taking breaks away from work and your computer screen will help you to recharge and spending time outside with colleagues will ensure you don’t feel left out from enjoying the good weather.

Think of Long Term Goals

Whenever you feel a lack of motivation, look to your long term goals and keep them in your mind. Do you want a promotion? A salary increase? Whatever you are looking for, you’ll need to work hard to achieve it and so keeping your long-term goals in your sights will automatically help you to feel motivated at work. If you are looking for career progression in your current company, ensure you also keep your resume writing up to date including any new work projects or responsibilities.

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