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how to give a presentation

Giving presentations at work can be a large part of many job roles. Presentations are required for new processes, idea discussions and training. Although it’s mainly a manager’s job to give a presentation, many people can find themselves having to present at work. If you have a presentation to give and need some tips, check out these pointers below.


It is vital that you prepare before you make your presentation as this will help you to appear confident and professional. Research the area that you are presenting on and pinpoint the key topics that you need to discuss. Next make some notes on each topic and ensure the notes you are making are concise and print off copies before you host the meeting. Decide how you are going to present – whether it’s on a whiteboard or PowerPoint – and prepare the relevant media. Consider using pictures too to make your presentation stand out and to keep the audience interested.

Book a Meeting Room

Booking a meeting room is vital as you need to give the presentation in a quiet room where you can concentrate and where staff attending can make notes. Ensure you book a meeting room well in advance and let the people you are inviting know where the meeting will be held.

Send Out Reminders

To ensure people attend the meeting you need to send out a reminder before the event – preferably a few days before. This will enable people to book out time in their calendars and will ensure everyone attends.

Be Calm

During your presentation you’ll probably be feeling nervous, especially if you are presenting data to key members of staff and senior members of the company. But it’s crucial that you keep calm during the presentation and speak slowly. Not only will this allow people to take in the information you are telling them, it will also make you look professional.

Ask Questions

At the end of the presentation you should ask questions. Asking questions will encourage conversation and participation from the group and may even uncover further points for discussion or points that need action.

After the meeting you should thank everyone for their time and send out key notes to all that attended – including points discussed and any action required. This will demonstrate your motivation for the job and will also help you to organise future plans that you may have.

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