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how to get the job you want

If you are trying to secure your dream job check out these tips to help you get it…

Write an Award Winning Resume

Writing a resume is one of the first things you’ll need to do when applying for a job but because employers receive so many, it’s vital that you make yours stand out from the crowd. An employer will look at your resume for less than a minute before deciding whether to read it, so getting the design of your resume and the content to be the best it can be is crucial to your job interview chances. Look at resume samples and choose a design and layout for your resume content. Read the job description you are applying to and ensure you include your relevant key skills and experience within your resume. Highlight your key skills by using examples of how you have used them in previous roles as this will help the employer to visualise how you could benefit them. Spell check your resume for spelling and grammatical errors before you send it out to ensure it reads perfectly.


In order to impress the employer you need to show them why you want to work for them and how much you know about their company. Spend time before you apply for the job researching the company history and work ethos. Personalise your resume and job application to the role to demonstrate that you want to progress within their organisation.

Practice Your Job Interview Skills

The next step in securing the job you want is practicing your job interview behaviour. Job interviews are the first chance the employer will have to assess your skills and capability to do the job so it’s important you make an impression. Spend time before the interview practicing job interview questions. Ask a friend to ask you some simple questions and practice your answers. You can also practice your tone and body language as these are usually assessed during a job interview.


Networking can connect you with potential industry contacts and employers. Find out about local networking events that focus on the industry you want to work in, print out copies of your new resume and get networking.

Follow Up

After your job interview you should send a follow up letter and keep updated with the employer. This will not only help you find out when they are hiring for the position but it will reaffirm your interest in the role. If you are going after a job you really want then it may take time – persevere and keep trying!

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