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Throughout your career you will no doubt be looking for recognition, including a pay rise.

So how exactly can you impress the boss and increase your wages?

We’ve listed below some ways you can increase your value at work!

• Keep your resume template updated. You should always keep your resume fresh as you never know what opportunities may come up. Whether it’s applying for a promotion at work or a new position in a different company, you should always have your resume ready to send off.

• Dedicate hours to perfecting your skill, whatever that may be. If you are well known in the industry for a particular skill, then you are likely to be more lucrative.

• Work closely with your team as rappport building can really increase your chances of a pay rise. Not only will rapport building with your boss improve your chances, but good team building skills are sought after by most employers.

• Get to know contacts in your industry – the more people you know, the more opportunities you will find out about. Networking is a great way of boosting your business profile so spend time finding appropriate networking events and attend them.

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