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how to look for a job

If you are currently unemployed and looking for a job here are some tips to help you find it!

Update Your Resume

If you are looking for a new job you need to update your resume and make all of its content relevant to the job you are applying to. Revisit your personal statement and career objective and update them if needed. Ensure your work experience section is up to date and all of your experience is listed including job titles and responsibilities. You should also update your key skills section to reflect any new skills or qualifications you have achieved. As the job market is competitive you could also consider using a resume template to make your resume stand out from the crowd. Using a template enables you to design your resume, concentrate on layout and alter fonts and colours to make it look different to other candidates applying for the job. Check your resume for spelling mistakes before you send it out.

Send Your Resume to Recruiters

Recruitment agencies are a great resource for jobseekers. A recruiter is someone who works on behalf of multiple companies to find them candidates for new job roles. Many recruiters will work with lots of different employers in a variety of industries and it’s their job to find appropriate resumes and to forward them to the employer for consideration for a job interview. To increase your chances of finding a new job you should send a copy of your resume to recruitment agencies that you feel are relevant to your job search. You should then set up a phone interview and let the recruiter know what job you are looking for and your salary expectations. If a recruiter feels you are a match for a position they are hiring for, then they will call you to inform you of the role. Recruiters often have access to exclusive job vacancies so sending your resume to them can definitely improve your job hunting chances.

Use Social Media

Social media can be a great resource for jobseekers as so many companies use social media to interact with potential candidates. Sign up to social media sites, create a profile and get involved in conversation. Commenting on industry news, interacting with companies, interacting with recruiters and using keywords will help you to raise your industry profile and could lead to you making important industry contacts. Be sure to include links to your online resume or professional profile on your social media profile as these may be seen by employers.

Visit Employers

Although many job vacancies are advertised online, there are still a large number of jobs available offline. Print out copies of your resume and consider going to see local employers in your area who you would be interested in working for. You can hand out your resume speculatively or ask employers face-to-face if they have any jobs available. Also consider attending networking events to get your resume out there and to get noticed within the industry.

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