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Although stereotypically bullying happens at school and an early age, some professionals can face bullying at some point in their career. There are a number of ways you can be bullied at work including having your appearance picked on, your work projects criticised and being excluded and ignored. You may find yourself encountering bullies at work at some point in your career. If you find yourself the subject of bullying at work, here are some tips on how to overcome it.


One of the best ways to beat bullies in the workplace is to ignore them. Bullies usually thrive off of a reaction so ignoring them in the workplace and concentrating on your work load should soon see them get bored. Whether it’s a one liner that offends you or repeated comments, try to ignore them and concentrate on your work.

Complete Work Projects

Concentrating on something else and throwing all of your energy into it can help you feel more focused at work and can help you to forget inappropriate comments. Concentrate on work projects, take on extra tasks and complete any outstanding assignments.

Talk to Your Colleagues

Talking to colleagues can not only help you to feel more settled and confident at work, but it could also help you to find out if anyone else is being treated in the same way. If you do find out that someone else is being bullied at work then you should address the situation with them too and consider telling a senior member of staff.

Keep a Log

If the bullying turns into something regular then you should keep a diary at work and note down any incidents that occur. By making notes you can look back on events, assess whether it’s time to talk to someone and the details can act as evidence if you do intend to call a meeting at work.

Speak to Your Manager

If your work is beginning to be affected and if you are dreading going into the office then it is essential that you tell your manager, as other colleagues may be feeling the same way as you. Arrange a meeting with your manager and organise it for a private meeting room so you can feel secure when telling details. Use the log you made to recount any experiences and let the manager know if this is distressing you as they can approach the individuals in question.

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