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how to stand out to recruitment agencies

Looking for a job can be time consuming which is why many candidates send their resume template to recruitment agencies. Recruitment agencies specialise in recruiting candidates into both temporary and permanent roles and they work with employers to find the perfect match for vacancies they are advertising. So if you’re looking for a change of career it could be worth contacting recruitment agencies – here are some ways you can stand out from the crowd.

Be Social

Most recruitment agencies and employers are on social media because it’s a great way to interact with potential candidates and to advertise job openings. If you want to get noticed by a recruitment agency you should create a profile on popular social media sites and get networking with the agencies you want to work with. Find their company page, follow their news updates and comment on anything of interest. You’ll soon get noticed.

Face to Face

To really stand out to a recruitment company you should consider meeting them face to face. A recruitment agency will be working on behalf of an employer and they will be selecting the best candidates for the role they are recruiting for. Although they will be looking at your resume and assessing your cover letter, if you meet them face to face for a brief chat about your work history you are more likely to make an impression. It will also demonstrate to the employer how committed you are to finding a position.

Job Sites

Recruitment agencies use online job boards to advertise jobs and to search for relevant resumes. To get noticed by a recruiter upload your resume online and use keywords throughout your resume to make it easy to search. If a recruiter is looking for a candidate with specific skills they will type in keywords to find the resume that fits the job specification. If you have work experience, qualifications or skills that are relevant to the type of job you want to secure then use these throughout your online profile.

Write a Resume

Recruitment agencies receive hundreds of resumes so to make yours stand out try using a resume template, changing the layout of your resume and using colours to highlight key text. For more ideas on this and to create your brand new resume, try our online resume builder.


Job fairs and recruitment events are popular all year round and present plenty of opportunities to meet with recruiters and to promote your resume and experience. Search for your local events and print out copies of your resume before you attend. Attending these networking events regularly will help you to get noticed and could help you to find out about new opportunities.

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