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Christmas is approaching and if you are looking for a job and getting set to send out your resume template over the festive period, there are quite a few industries hiring and jobs are available – not just for Santa Claus! Check out our list of yuletide jobs below to help with your job search.


The retail industry is always booming during the Christmas period and it starts with Black Friday. Thousands of consumers go to stores all over the country in search of bargains and presents. Therefore retail stores are always on the lookout for extra help. Some of these positions may only be Christmas temp vacancies however if you target your resume to the retail industry you should see some results.

Food Service

Consumers often eat out during the festive period and restaurants, hotels and bars are busier than usual. If you have previous waitress, serving or bar skills then it could be worth updating your resume.


Santa isn’t the only person delivering packages throughout the yuletide break. Courier companies take orders from customers all year round and deliver packages by post. They are especially busy during Christmas and often advertise for extra staff.

Holiday Resorts

Have you ever been away at Christmas? Chances are, you have. It’s a busy time of year for holidays and holiday parks and camps are usually full. There are a variety of jobs available at holiday resorts – from entertainers and bar staff to receptionists and waiters.


Shopping malls and stores often need people to dress up as Santa during seasonal promotions. Obviously this is a job that may only last a few weeks but it’s worth considering if you are looking for work!

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