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Your resume is a tool designed to win you a job interview and, eventually, help you to secure a job. But if you are finding it difficult to impress potential employers at the moment, could you be underselling your resume? Take a look below to help you assess whether or not you are using your resume to its full potential.


The design and layout of your resume is essential. It’s one of the first things an employer will see when they receive your job application, therefore if you aren’t concentrating on layout or don’t really care about the aesthetics of your resume then you could be underselling it and your qualifications. Although the resume content is the most crucial aspect of your application, you need to entice the employer to read on and your resume design can determine this. If your resume is poorly laid out, has different font styles and sizes all over it, is difficult to read and looks messy then the employer is likely to think that you haven’t put much effort into the application. An employer needs to feel that you have spent time applying for the position as this will demonstrate to them that you are genuinely interested in the job and that you care about working for their company. If you are stuck for ideas then look at some resume samples from your chosen industry to get an idea of design and layout.


If you are listing work experience in the wrong order then you are really underselling your skills and expertise. If you have relevant experience to the job you are applying to then you need to ensure that this is at the top of your resume and visible to the employer. An employer will be looking for the experience, skills and talent that make you the right person for the job and if they don’t see it within a few seconds on your resume then they may move on to the next application. Ensure you order your work experience and projects accordingly and include any statistics that demonstrate your expertise in the field.

Spelling and Grammar

If you send your resume off without checking it for spelling or grammatical mistakes then you are not giving yourself the best chance of impressing the employer. Resume writing can be stressful and so inevitably you may find one or two mistakes from time to time. However, if you don’t check your resume content thoroughly then these mistakes may make it to your final application and the employer may read them. A resume that has spelling mistakes or grammatical problems can really hinder your chances of securing employment. An interviewer will automatically gain the wrong impression of you – they may feel that you rushed the application and that you don’t show much attention to detail. Proof reading can help you to avoid this but it can also help you spot parts of the resume that could be improved. Although it takes time, proofreading is definitely worth it.

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