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Many people spend a lot of time pondering this question when writing their resumes as it’s often very difficult to decide on how much to mention or decipher which particular hobbies and interests will impress a prospective employer the most.

To help you figure this out the team spoke to several employers on what they are interested in when reading the hobbies and interests section of an applicant’s resume. Once you understand what your potential employer is looking for you can really tailor your inclusions in this section of your resume to ensure that you push all the right buttons and secure that job interview.

what to include in the hobbies section of your resume
From our research we learned that the vast majority of employers look at this section in particular to gain an idea of an applicant’s character and personality. You may have previously thought this section to be relatively unimportant but literally every aspect of your resume is important and should be geared towards persuading the employer that you’re the perfect person for the job. With this in mind this section is no different.

So when writing this section be mindful of how it portrays you as person and how that may or may not make you seem more suitable for the position. Have you been a leader or an organiser in any clubs or groups of any kind? Have you ever taken on any volunteer work? Have you ever passed on your knowledge of a sport, game or pastime when teaching others? All these aspects would show the employer your willingness to take responsibility and organise your time – great assets if you’re applying for a managerial role or a job that requires great communication and organisation. Also bear in mind that if you’re using our resume building tool there are extra hints and tips available on every section, including this one, as you construct your resume.

Points to remember;

  • Ensure to complete this section of your resume as it is relevant to the employer.
  • Be mindful of how each entry, hobby and/or interest portrays you as a person and how that will affect your chances of being suitable for this position.
  • Don’t be afraid to tailor or filter your hobbies and interests to reflect the aspects of your personality which show you are perfectly suited to this job role.

Now you’re equipped with some additional knowledge on this aspect of your resume why not get started for free using our resume builder.

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