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Everybody, at some point, will have a gap in their resume. It could be for a few months or it could be for a few years. The important thing is that you explain these gaps to an employer to give yourself a better chance of securing a job. Resume Tips

An employer won’t necessarily be put off from your professional resume if there are gaps in it. But they may be inquisitive and want to know why they are there. There could be a number of reasons – long term sickness, unemployment, family issues or lifestyle choices. It is crucial when constructing your resume template that you put this into consideration and ensure you are open and honest with an interviewer.

During your gap (regardless of the reason) it is highly unlikely that you did nothing. It might be that you have been travelling and volunteered for a charity whilst you were away or it could be that you have been unemployed but working casually for a friend. Either way – this can all be included on your resume.

You don’t have to fill a resume with purely full time work – you can include things like volunteering, internships and charity work. If you have done any online work then you should include this too.

If you have had a gap in employment but used the time to study/attend training courses then why not update your resume? This will display your commitment to your career path and will show that you are a determined individual. It will also help to highlight any relevant skills that you have that could be useful for an employer. Above all be honest on your resume!

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