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Writing a resume is the first step in the job hunting process but you then need to market and promote it to prospective employers. We’ve listed three ways you can promote your resume and increase your chances of finding a job.


Resume Tips

Word of Mouth

Networking is vital if you want to get notices in a particular industry. Attending networking events and meeting industry contacts will help you to raise your profile. This may then lead to ‘referrals’ where a colleague or industry contact tells an employer about you and recommends your work. This is highly valuable so it’s a good idea to make a note in your diary about any upcoming networking events.

Social Media

Social media sites are used by thousands of companies all over the country. Companies use sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linked In to publicise company news and promote their business. But employers also use social networking as a way of recruiting and finding candidates. If a company is hiring, you’ll probably know about it via their social news feeds. So having a social media account is essential if you are looking to promote your skills and experience.

Employment Agency

Sending your resume template to an employment agency is a great way to get noticed. Often employment agencies will be working on vacancies that are not public and they usually get access to exclusive roles. You should set up a meeting with a recruitment consultant to introduce yourself and your skills. The consultant can then look out for positions they think may suit you.

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